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158 Rolling Hill Rd
Mooresville, NC 28117
1997 Bentley Brooklands
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The Bentley nameplate is one that has been carried for decades and decades by only the most refined automobiles. Any British motoring enthusiast knows the allure of a Bentley, understands it, enjoys it, but does not pretend to fully comprehend what completes that “Bentley experience” when one sits behind the wheel—or behind the driver, as the case may be. Even if you have no prior knowledge of luxury vehicles of this caliber, it is easy to understand why these cars are so sought after and carry the reputation that they do.

The exterior of this Brooklands is sleek, subtle, gorgeous, and not in any way overstated. This is not a car that says “Look at me, I have a fancy car!” No, this is a car for the discerning buyer that likes to quietly enjoy the finer things in life. The green paint is just the right color to automatically denote this as a British luxury vehicle. Furthermore, this Bentley just barely predates Volkswagen's ownership of the company and for all intents and purposes retains many key Bentley styling features. This example has seen nothing but care, as any Bentley should, and the quality of the exterior cosmetics are a testament to the treatment this fine vehicle has received.

Under the hood is a whopping 6.75-liter Bentley V8 engine. This seems large because it is; W.O. Bentley was the first to coin the term “There's no replacement for displacement.” This engine is standard equipment in all Brooklands models, but this particular Brooklands is a far cry from standard. What you're looking at is one of 18 turbocharged long wheelbase Bentley Brooklands produced. Only produced in 1997-1998, this is indeed a rare specimen that will absolutely get out of its own way. For such a large and unassuming vehicle, this Brooklands has no trouble hauling itself around effortlessly. The engine is both powerful and refined, producing only the slightest exhaust note and humming like a well-maintained sewing machine at idle.

While all of the aforementioned appointments are both alluring and impressive, perhaps the element of a Bentley that is most likely to strike those not regularly around such vehicles is the interior. If you have never sat in a Bentley, operated the buttons, switches, and levers, or otherwise had a Bentley experience it is highly recommended. The build quality and attention to detail in this vehicle is absolutely superior, with all accessories dialed in perfectly. Even flipping the turn signal lever is satisfying; it glides firmly into place with no hesitation or question of being engaged. The entire car is this way, inside and out, with beautiful fit and finish.

If you're looking to stand out in the crowd without drawing attention to yourself, this Bentley would suit you well. It has all of the luxury and class a discerning enthusiast could ask for, is nearly immaculate, and an affordable price point to boot.

TITLE: Clean - currently financed,

Air Conditioning yes
Heater YES
Speedometer YES
Oil PSI Gauge/Light YES
Temperature Gauge/Light YES
Fuel Gauge YES
Tachometer YES
Wipers YES
Horn YES
Radio YES
Headlights YES
Tail Lights YES
Reverse Lights YES
Turn Signals YES
Emergency Brake YES
Keys – Ignition, Door & Trunk YES
Runs & Drives YES


Engine Type
Engine Size
6.75 Liter V8
Fuel Specification


Body Color
Body Style
Paint Type




Interior Color
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console

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6.75 Liter V8
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